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Frequently Asked Questions about Taekwondo Classes

Frequently Asked Questions about Taekwondo Classes” is a guide that provides answers to common questions related to Taekwondo training. This may include information on class structure, goals, benefits, and required equipment. The aim of this resource is to provide potential students with the information they need to make informed decisions about enrolling in a Taekwondo program.

A: The classes are held at three locations in Switzerland: Basel, Binningen, and Reinach.

A: Grandmaster Patrick Kuhfuss is the owner and instructor of the Taekwondo classes.

A: You can contact Grandmaster Patrick Kuhfuss via phone at 0041788661209 or via email at patrick92164@gmail.com or info@tkdschulekimschweiz.com.

A: Please contact Grandmaster Patrick Kuhfuss for the schedule of Taekwondo classes.

A: No prior experience is necessary to participate in Taekwondo classes.

A: Yes, you may observe a class before enrolling your child. Please contact Grandmaster Patrick Kuhfuss for more information.

A: Your child should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers for Taekwondo classes. A Taekwondo uniform may be required and can be purchased through Grandmaster Patrick Kuhfuss.

A: Taekwondo can help improve your child's physical fitness, coordination, focus, and self-confidence, among other benefits.

A: Please contact Grandmaster Patrick Kuhfuss for information on class size for kids' Taekwondo classes.

A: Yes, your child may have the opportunity to participate in Taekwondo competitions with Grandmaster Patrick Kuhfuss' guidance and training.

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